Antisocial times

I seem to have jumped on the bandwagon.

Not that long ago I was grumpily scrolling through Facebook (or babybook as I had lovingly and begrudgingly renamed it) moaning about how many pictures of babies were ‘clogging up my timeline’; and now here I am, with a baby of my own, not only beating them, but joining them and actually going a step further. I am blogging.

I keep asking myself, “why on earth would anyone want to read your subconscious drivvle about your mundane life?” and I’ve come to the conclusion…most people won’t. But, in a time where our lives are saturated by the constant stream of ‘updates’, whether it be from friends, people we’ve not seen in 20 years or from strangers we pretend are our friends online, we often don’t have much choice over the content with which we are fed and let’s face it…quite often we simply don’t care. However, I figure that a blog is slightly different-you choose to read it! So if you have stumbled onto this website and are waiting for a funny anecdote about jagerbombs and all day Sunday drinking, you might want to pop back over to Facebore (and maybe scroll back through my timeline a few years).

I think the world of blogging has become a safe haven for those people who have something to say but don’t want to break the strict but unsaid rules of social media. Mainly Facebook. The first rule of Facebook? You don’t talk about Facebook. No wait, that’s not it. The first rule of Facebook is you do not talk about…CHILDREN. If you break this very simple but very strict rule, you are at risk of being permanently ostracised by all of your friends without kids, who will use the excuse that ‘she’s changed’ and the ‘unfollow but remain friends’ button will become synonymous with your name. I know this because I was one of those twitchy fingered ‘unfollowers’. Facebook is the school playground of social media…if you wanna be one of the cool kids then keep your updates about your child progeny to yourself and stick to the safe topics-pub, food, birthdays and humorous videos of dogs falling over.

Twitter is not such an issue as it’s slightly more transient and let’s face it, who can fit their daily sleep related battles into 140 characters anyway.

As for Instagram, the amount of likes I was receiving from Latvian women ‘looking for a friend to share the long nights with’ drove me to private my page and lock it down! I probably contravene all of the social rules when it comes to instagram as it is full of pictures of my daughter but I think Instagram is for family and the etiquette police are slightly less gung-ho than on Facebook!

So, that brings me back to my blog…the only safe place to unleash my thoughts in the social minefield. So I’ll try not to break any blogging rules (are there any?!), work on my etiquette and hopefully keep you enthralled. Right…

Are you sitting comfortably…?

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